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Tip into Confidence Some More

Did you try any of the tips from last post?  What worked for you?  I’ve got some more tips for you to check out.  I’ll pick it up where I left off.  

Tip 6:  What’s the worst that can happen?  Think about it – what’s the very worst that can happen?  Take a piece of paper and make three columns.  In the middle column list all the stuff that you’ve thought about – every single one.  When you’re done with that go to the top of the list and in the first column write down what you can… Continue reading

Tip into Confidence

Confidence comes from inside.  It hangs out between your ears.  That’s the great news – you can learn to have it, increase it and "friend" your confidence whenever you need to.  Here are some tips for you. 

Tip 1:  You’re not alone.  If you’re feeling scared or uncomfortable in a situation, so are others.  You don’t have an “exclusive” on feeling the way you do.  Think about first learning to drive – how uncomfortable that was, it was for everyone.  Awareness doesn’t take away your feelings, it just puts you on notice that you aren’t alone – millions of… Continue reading

Need More Confidence?

Have you ever wanted to have more confidence or come across more confidently?  But you don’t want to be arrogant or cocky.

First – you will not come across arrogant or cocky.  Believe me, if you’re even concerned about that, you’re already hard wired that you won’t.  Arrogant people aren’t concerned about coming across arrogantly – it’s a habit they’ve developed over time and they don’t even realize they are doing it.  Sometimes arrogant people purposefully behave that way to make up for their own insecurities. Continue reading

Welcome to Achieving Skills!

I’m so happy that you’re reading the first blog of Achieving Skills.  This blog and website are dedicated to you and your work life.  I will provide you with tips and practical ideas that you can use immediately in your job or business.

If you’d like to see my “creds” check out “My Story”.  I’ve made mistakes along the way and have learned so much.  I want to save you time – the Cliffs notes – of work life.  

The areas I’ll be covering are really up to you!  If I don’t know, I will do the research for… Continue reading