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Picky Boss

My boss is driving me crazy!”  “He picks at everything I do!”  “I can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of my boss!

Does any of those statements sound familiar?  Are you saying those things?  The number one reason people leave their jobs is their boss.

Before you head out the door, or worse – stay and become miserable, try the following steps.  Be warned, many people feel really uncomfortable when they are talking to people in authority – which in this case is your boss.… Continue reading

Join a Coaching Circle!

What’s a circle?

A circle is a group of people facing the same challenges as you.  You have direct input from an executive coach in addition to getting ideas from others who also want to strengthen their skills.

A circle is only for those who want to learn and will participate – is that you?

Do you need one?

Only if you have some challenges that you'd like some help with.  New circles will start each month – reserve your spot today, there is limited space!  Click here to make sure you don't miss out!

Does any of these… Continue reading

Blah Blah Blah

Do you have any “talkers” in your life?  You know what I mean, people who just keep talking and won’t let you get a word in?  We’ve all got them, at work, at home, neighbors, friends, even people we run into at the grocery store!  What do you do when you’ve got to actually communicate something?  Check out these tips to see what might work:

Tip 1:  Remember, when dealing with a talker it’s about them, not about you.  They want to be heard and won’t be… Continue reading

I can do everything!

Yes you can – which can confuse everyone. 

Yes you can – which can leave you exhausted. 

Yes you can – and not very well.

You own your own business and you’re just starting out.  It’s a scary time and you want as much business as you can possibly have.  You take on projects… Continue reading


What’s in a word?  Everything!  What are you saying to yourself and others?  The words that you use can give you power or take it away.  Here are some of my favorites for you to consider. 

Hope – Hope is one of the most un-empowering words around.  It allows you to believe you’re taking action, when, in reality, you’re taking no action at all.  A close cousin to this word is try.  Do you use hope and try to keep you from taking action? 

How many times have you… Continue reading