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Shiny Pennies

Some days I can spend my whole day picking up shiny pennies.  Do you ever have days like that?  New ideas spring up and they look interesting so you check them out.  It’s a great distraction and a lot of fun.  Your day is done, before it has begun and you… Continue reading

Interested or Committed?

In the past I’ve wondered why I move forward with some things and why other tasks and projects linger.  Then the light-bulb went on when I read the following definition:

“If you’re interested in something, you’ll do it if it is convenient.  If you’re committed to something, you’ll do it no matter what.”

This has… Continue reading

Dam the paper!

If you’re drowning with paper see the blog post just before this one.  Once you’ve caught up on your backlog of paper and sticky notes you’ll want to use some of the following tips to keep on top of what comes into your office. 

Special note:  These are habits to develop.  Anytime you want to create a new habit, you’ve got to work at it consciously for a period of time before it becomes automatic.

Step 1 – Look at the sources of your paper.

Mail coming in – your in-box (paper from others) –… Continue reading

Drowning in paper!

I received the following email message from a dear friend and client as she was about to go on vacation.  I had just visited her office and saw paper everywhere.  I felt chaotic just walking in, I couldn’t imagine being there every day.

Here’s what she wroteYou are so right!  I am drowning in little bits of paper.  Thank you for your offer to help out!  I’m ready anytime. 

I am leaving for the beach Saturday morning, but even if you had some time today or tomorrow to give me a… Continue reading

Get Out and Give Back!

Below is a blog I wrote for my friend Jane Hess Collins.  She has a wonderful website and business to help people to give back.  She is motivating and inspirational in all that she does.  I encourage you to look at her site and see some ways you might want to give back!

Here’s what I wrote:

Getting out and giving back – what’s in it for me?

For many years I was like so many of my friends, I would write checks to charities and donate clothes when clearing out my closet.  The good feeling didn’t last very long… Continue reading