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Aren’t Moms the greatest?  I’ve been sending my Mom my blog posts so she can read them.  She just called to tell me that she liked them and she is proud of me!  Wow, it reminded me how important recognition is.  Especially from people who you love!

Recognition is consistent with appreciation.  How do you recognize people in the proper way?

Tip 1:  Consider who you recognize.  Public recognition can send some people into elation and some into hiding.  Remember to understand the person you are recognizing – if they are… Continue reading

Thank You!

I recently attended a panel discussion where I was reminded of the power of appreciation.  The panel consisted of people who had foundations to give away money.  The question was asked, what has been your most important lesson when it comes to fund raising?  The answer – remember to thank your contributors!

Wow, so simple and yet so powerful.  How many times do you say thank you in a day, a week, a month?  How do you show your appreciation to those around you?

Appreciation can become a habit that is second nature to you.  Creating any habit… Continue reading

Everyone is listening!

I was on a plane traveling from Philadelphia, PA to Albany, NY for a presentation (45 minute trip).  Prior to taking off, the man behind me was on his cell phone speaking very clearly and loudly.  It seemed to me he was relaying information to a reporter.  Here are the details that came through:

The Department of Energy was not funding two off shore wind energy turbine projects because both were projects of foreign governments.

The Department of Energy was giving his company $800,000 over an extended period of time to analyze the data generated from these projects.  To… Continue reading

Invest in Yourself!

New Circles start November 3

Space is limited – sign up now

What’s a circle?

A circle is a group of people facing the same challenges as you.  You have direct input from an executive coach in addition to getting ideas from others who also want to strengthen their skills.

A circle is only for those who want to learn and will participate – is that you?

Do you need one?

Only if you have some challenges that you'd like some help with.  New circles will start each month – reserve your spot today, there is limited space!  Click… Continue reading


Motivation – so much has been written about this subject.  What more can you learn?  

The reality is you can’t motivate someone else, you can only motivate yourself.  The most you can do as a leader is create an environment which holds the possibility for motivating others.  

There are six elements that have to be present in your environment to maximize the motivation of your staff.  Do these exist in your organization?

1. “Brightness of the future.”  Every employee needs to understand where the credit union is headed, that it will be a better place.… Continue reading