Monthly Archives: May 2012

Will I meet my goals?

Do you ever ask yourself that?  I can’t answer that question for you.  I can offer some tips about goals that may help you in this quest.

Tip 1:  Whose goal is it?  The more you can internalize goals that are set for you through your organization, the more likely you’ll meet them.  When you don’t believe in the goal, whether it’s not something you want to do or you don’t see the value in it, you’ve given up before you’ve started and you will fail or fall short.  As with so many things,… Continue reading


Recently a client was exploring ways to have people see the value of her services.  We came up with some ideas for conveying value.  These can be applied to products and services of a solo entrepreneur and an organization that is much bigger.  See what you can use in your own company.

Idea 1:  It starts with you.  When you and your employees understand and believe in the value of your products and services this will naturally come out when talking to potential customers.  Is everyone excited about what you offer?  Enthusiasm goes… Continue reading


If you are a manager or a supervisor this blog is for you.  If you are managed or supervised by someone other than yourself, you may want to pass this along.  The number one reason people look for other work is due to poor management.  It costs an organization from 125% to 200% of the salary to replace an individual.  Following are some tweaks you might want to consider embracing.

Tweak 1:  Take time.  You’ve got lots of priorities every day.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. … Continue reading


Recently my husband and I added a third floor to our home.  We moved everything we needed for five months down to the first floor.  We slept in our living room on a mattress.  I had a clothes rack hanging in the room with other necessities squirreled away in plastic bins and boxes.

Various people were in and out every day – plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters.  At one point it started to rain in the kitchen, due to a leaky toilet unrelated to the construction.  At other points we showered at a local health… Continue reading

Move it!

I subscribe to a blog called Zen Habits.  Recently there was a guest post from Matt Madeiro of Make Every Day Count.  Following are some great tips from Matt for those of us who sit at a desk for most of our day and after our day is over, we sit yet again watching TV.  Here’s how you can get your work done and benefit your health!

Tip 1: Move.  Any motion is better than no motion at all.   Your job might demand you spend a lot of time in a chair. You can’t… Continue reading