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I was talking with a client the other day.  We got into an interesting discussion regarding authority figures and how nervous she became around those in positions of power.  She had recently met a woman in a boutique while shopping.  They chatted easily.  When she found out the woman was an Executive Vice President of a large company she became tongue tied and ended the conversation rather quickly.

The subject came up because my client was interested in talking to the EVP about career opportunities.  She was wondering if she should contact her new… Continue reading

What’s best?

Figuring out the most effective form of communication can be challenging.  There are so many ways we can communicate these days.  Not only are there the old fashioned ways – face to face, phone, email.  There is also texting.  Add to that all the social networks which are forms of communication.  Following is what I use and how I use each method.  I know I don’t take advantage of everything that’s out there and frankly I’ve chosen to stop with what I use right now.

Face to face:  Best form to strengthen relationships.… Continue reading

ME time!

A common concern or complaint that I hear from my clients is – “I don’t have time for ME!”  This is pretty common and it can cause some bad side effects such as resentment, guilt, grumpiness, negativity and lack of energy.  I’ve even seen that this is a badge of negative honor in some and translates to a martyr cry about how they put everyone else’s needs before their own.  BORING!

Think about the last time you were on an airplane.  The safety demonstration always says – put your own oxygen mask on first before you… Continue reading

Self Motivation

Every so often motivation wanes.  It happens for many reasons.  I might be bored with what I’m doing, I’ve mastered something and the excitement has worn off, perhaps I don’t have anything urgent going on and can’t seem to get started.  The following tips help me start moving forward again.

Tip 1:  List.  I put together a “to-do” list in order of priority.  There always seems to be things that need to get done.  I don’t think about what I have to do, I just start with the first item on the… Continue reading

Tip into confidence some more!

Did you try any of the tips from the last blog?  What worked for you?  I’ve got some more tips for you to check out.  I’ll pick it up where I left off.

Tip 6:  What’s the worst that can happen?  Think about it – what’s the very worst that can happen?  Take a piece of paper and make three columns.  In the middle column list all the stuff that you’ve thought about – every single one.  When you’re done with that go to the top of the list and in the… Continue reading