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I’ve never met someone who admits they have a bad or negative attitude.  I have met many managers and supervisors who wish their employees had a more positive attitude.  Attitude is a powerful tool as a manager or employee.  It is something that is completely under your own control and has a profound effect on others.

It is easier to have a positive attitude if you realize that everything is good, even the bad stuff.  If bad stuff never happens how do you appreciate the good stuff?  Here are some tips to help you maintain… Continue reading


Over time it’s easy to allow people to behave in a way that you don’t like.  It could start off innocently enough, telling an off color joke or having someone dump their troubles on you.  Perhaps it only happens once in a while.  When the behavior becomes more frequent and you are uncomfortable or the situation becomes unpleasant, it’s time to set a new boundary.  For many of my clients, setting boundaries doesn’t come easily.  Following are some steps that should help the process.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” … Continue reading


Successful people have energy.  They’ve found the key to increasing their energy levels and are able to sustain them even during difficult times.  Have you ever met someone who is wonderfully successful and has low energy?  Increasing your energy starts with eliminating those areas of your life that are energy drains.  Following are some tips on where those energy drains might be hiding and some ideas on how to eliminate them.

Drain 1:  Tolerations.  These may be small things that you’re putting up with such as those tasks you constantly say to yourself “I… Continue reading

Lessons from a champion!

Today the Open Championship begins again.  Tough conditions and it’s anyone’s guess who will be the champion this year.  In honor of the tournament I’m re-running my post from last year – I hope you enjoy it!

I attended the Open Championship in July 2011 (the British golf tournament).  The winner was a forty-two year old man from Northern Ireland, Darren Clarke.  If you saw him on the street, or in a pub, you may not have picked him to be an elite athlete.  He had planned to start a weight watchers program right after… Continue reading


Profit is simply the surplus of something after taking out the cost.  Classically profit is defined through numbers or more specifically money.  You can also apply the concept to many areas of your life.  It can help with the choices you make.  Here are some areas where you might want to consider the profit involved.

Relationships:  Profitable relationships have some benefit to them.  The cost to you is the time, energy and emotion you put into the relationship.  The profit are the positives that come from that relationship which range from great memories… Continue reading