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Time Management(???)

Much has been written about time management – as if time is a “thing” or an object.  Time is a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future.  Time is a unit of measurement.  You can’t expand or contract time, in fact you can’t manage time at all.  I know this sounds a little philosophical but bear with me.  When you believe that you need to manage time, you’re attempting to manage something apart from you which can be very stressful.

Replace time management with managing how… Continue reading

Put Away Childhood

A few years ago I read a very good article that explained why many adults experience so much stress during the holidays.  Not only do we have more things to do during the holidays, we are comparing our holiday experiences to another time – our childhood.  Here are some thoughts on what is happening.

Thought 1:  Eating.  As children our job was to show up at the dinner table and eat what was served.  Children know when they are full and stop eating.  After dinner they might clear the table, most likely they will… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Press Release

A dear friend sent out the following press release to her family a few years ago – it was liberating to her, so on this day of Thanksgiving I offer this to anyone exhausted during the holiday….  (the names have been changed)  You may remember this from last year.


DATELINE BEACH PARK, IL – Sources close to the story have now confirmed that Mary Johnson, (a.k.a. “Auntie Mary”) this past Thursday announced her retirement from active Thanksgiving Dinner preparation after 30 years “on the job.”  Johnson stated that though she “…loves hosting… Continue reading


You’re kidding right?  How many books, seminars, articles, online programs promise to teach you to live a balanced life?  Somewhere, out there, someone has just enough home life, work life, me time, spouse time, volunteer time, mom/dad time – all rolled into one perfect life.  Do you really believe that?  Want a good deal on a bridge?

Get real – this is not something to strive for, waste time reading about or pay money to attend a seminar.  COLD HARD FACT:  There is no balance!  Before you delete this blog from your computer… Continue reading

The Three D’s

During really stressful times, such as the holidays, there are some things you can do to reduce your stress.  Keep in mind these three D’s to take back some control of your overwhelm!

Delay – Look through your list carefully.  For each item on the list ask yourself – What would happen if I didn’t do this right now?  If there is little or no consequence to not doing the task, put it at the bottom of the list.

When there is so much to do, prioritization goes out the window.  All items on the list… Continue reading