Monthly Archives: January 2013

Shiny Pennies

Shiny PenniesFollowing is a blog worth repeating – especially interesting as we come to the end of January and we’ve been talking about setting goals and getting things done all month.  Hope this helps keep you moving forward with what you want to achieve!

Some days I can spend my whole day picking up shiny… Continue reading

I’m doing my best!

BestAnd so are you!  Everyone is doing their very best all the time.  A simple phrase that may or may not be part of your belief system.  It’s easy to believe that you are doing your best all the time – but everyone else is too?  Think about it – do you ever set out to do a poor job?  Looking back on your performance, you may find areas that you could improve or do differently because you have additional information.  However, at the time you set out to perform, you are doing your… Continue reading

Make a Difference

make-the-differenceHow do you plan on making a difference in 2013?  The concept may sound huge – how can one person make a difference?  I’m reminded over and over, it’s the little things that can make a profound difference in other people’s lives.  Here are some tips as you go through your day.  You may never know the effect you have on others.

Tip 1:  Smile.  So many people are caught up in their own world, racing to get things done, pressure to perform, stress of the looming to dos.  Smiling at, and with,… Continue reading

Shape the Future

shapethefutureJanuary has been devoted to creating a plan, setting goals, knowing who you are and forging ahead.  There is one more element to shaping your future, getting what you want and achieving all you set out to achieve – ATTITUDE.

Your attitude is what ultimately determines if you achieve your goals or if you fall short.  You can’t fake it.  You can’t pretend everything is okay.  Your attitude colors the world around you.  It makes you believe what you want to believe.

If you believe that your best days are ahead of you, then you’ll… Continue reading

Know Who You are and aren’t

doyouknowwhoyouareSetting goals and making plans can be tricky.  Meaningful goals are those that play to your strengths.  I’ve known many people who try very hard to achieve something that only ends up in frustration.  Most often these achievements – that don’t get accomplished – are tapping into the person’s weaknesses.  While the goals may be good in theory, practically speaking they are an uphill battle, that doesn’t get won.  Here are some thoughts that may help you before setting off to accomplish something.

Thought 1:  Strengths = what you’re good at.  Whatever you’re… Continue reading