Monthly Archives: February 2013


This is a blog that ran in September of 2012.  It’s fitting to run it again at the end of a month that was devoted to developing yourself and developing your business.  I hope you’ll find it useful.

Does the very word scare you or energize you?  Do you run a small business and the competition is a bigger business?  Are you in an organization and competing for the next promotion?  Is competition a threat or a motivator?  Here are some thoughts about competition.

Thought one:  Limit your focus.  I’ve… Continue reading

Be Heard!

BeHeardYou have the best products and services in the world!  You are the most spectacular employee on the planet!  You have done everything there is to do to take on your next promotion.  Your business is poised to take off big time.  Everything is in place to soar.  How do you make it happen?  People have to know that you exist – your products and services are just what they need and are looking for – you possess all the skills necessary to be a success.  Simply put, you have to be heard… Continue reading

Add Value

AddValueTo grow your business or your career there has to be value.  Value, as well as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  It’s not enough to be of value, you must convey that value in ways others will understand, want what you are offering and are willing to pay for it.  Following are some ways to identify and convey your value or the value of your products.

Thought 1:  Missing.  If you’re having trouble coming up with ways to describe value, think about what would be missed if you or your products weren’t… Continue reading

New Markets

NewMarketYou may have reached a point where you have explored all the possibilities of your current market or, in the case of the individual, your current employer.  So it may be time to go boldly where you have not gone before and examine new markets or employers.  Here are some tips to help you explore.

Tip 1:  Volunteer.  A great way to meet people with different backgrounds and careers.  The possibilities are endless.  Volunteering can be within your current industry or in your local community.  Ask around and see where you can get… Continue reading

Your Market

CurrentMarketThere are several ways to grow your self and your business.  I’ve seen both individuals and businesses exploring new markets (or companies) outside of where they are currently operating.  Oftentimes, the business has yet to saturate the market they are currently in or, in the case of the individual, they are not exploring opportunities that reside within their current company.  Before developing a completely new market, consider the following tips to continue on your business development journey.

Tip 1:  Current products/services.  Unless you’ve been in the market a long time, most likely there are those… Continue reading