Monthly Archives: March 2013

Starting New

Starting NewSpring is a great time to start something new.  When you’ve completed your Spring cleaning, de-cluttering your life of stuff and of those projects/tasks that you don’t want to do any more, you’ll have the time to start something new.  New habits, projects, or learning something new can be invigorating and motivating.  Many times it sparks an energy and passion to spice up your life.  Here are some ideas about bringing something new into your life.

Idea 1:  Start small.  Whatever you’re incorporating into your life, start small.  If you’d like to learn… Continue reading


attractionThis month has been devoted to cleaning things out, de-cluttering your life and making space.  With all your new space, both physical and mental, new opportunities will start to show up.  You may have heard the phrase “The universe loves to fill a void!”  Here are some ideas to keep in mind as that happens.

Idea 1:  Requests.  With extra time on your hands, people will start asking you to do things – volunteer, walk their dog, complete their projects.  Be picky about what you agree to do.  Just because you have extra… Continue reading


RelocateMy mother had come to visit my husband and me during the holidays.  About two weeks after she returned to Fargo, ND she called and asked if she could move to be closer to us in Virginia.  This week she arrived, relocating 1,355 miles at 88 years young.  We are all thrilled!  She has a new perspective and a new outlook.  So excited about new friends to be made, experiences to be had and life to be lived.

You don’t have to move 1,355 miles to get a new perspective or ignite your creativity. … Continue reading

Outside View

outsideviewA great way to develop your work skills is to enlist the support of others.  Who among your friends, co-workers or family members are particularly neat and organized?  Is there someone you know that keeps their office the way you would like to?  Who among your colleagues has a particular work habit that is helping their career?  Enlist the support of others who you admire.  Here are some tips on how to proceed:

Tip 1:  Partner.  When you find that person you’d like to emulate, think about what you might offer them. … Continue reading

Moving Truck

MovingA great way to clear out, de-clutter and repair items around your work or around the house is to put yourself in a moving truck – you’re moving in your mind.  It’s a great way to see your surroundings in a whole different light.  Here’s my experience:

Experience 1:  Spruce it up.  Walk into your office and look around objectively.  What do you need to do to make it the most attractive, efficient workspace?  Same thing goes at home.  What would you need to do to prepare your home for sale?  If… Continue reading