Monthly Archives: April 2013

Letting go!

Last year I wrote about one of two clients who shared a similar experience – letting go of an anchor that was keeping them tied down.  The result has surprised them both.  Anchors in our lives can keep us grounded and can provide a sense of permanence.  Anchors can also weigh us down and hold us back.

Here’s what happened:

Anchor  Marsha developed a friendship with her manicurist, Sally.  During her monthly manicure they would talk and have a good time.  Soon they were sharing personal information as friends often do.  The friendship… Continue reading


expertsThere will always be someone who is more talented than you, more skilled, more, more, more.  Some people find this intimidating or they get nervous in front of those that they perceive are so much more than they are.  There is also an opportunity to build your relationship with the expert and be so much more yourself.  Look through these thoughts.

Thought 1:  Experts.  Most experts I know don’t perceive themselves as extra special.  I’ve found that I put that label on these people.  They are usually doing what comes naturally and easily… Continue reading

New People

new peopleThere are people you haven’t met or don’t know very well almost everywhere you go.  Reaching out and meeting new people can be a rich experience.  There are new ideas and experiences that you may not have thought possible.  What seems exotic or special to you may be common place to someone else.  Here are some tips on meeting new people:

Tip 1:  Set a goal.  At every networking event or business meeting I would set a goal of meeting at least five new people I didn’t know or didn’t know well.  I… Continue reading


This is a post that first appeared in May of 2012.  It was very popular and falls into our theme for the month – devoted to building relationship.  Enjoy the repeat!

The ability to build and leverage a network of relationships is the best predictor of leadership success, according to a recent article in Fast Company.  Relationship building is one of those skills that isn’t taught in schools or part of training people receive when they become managers.

Many of you were tapped for leadership positions because of your strong individual skills and knowledge.  Making the… Continue reading

Build your network

BuildNetworkYou or your business may have a page on Facebook, you’re tapped into LinkedIn, active on Google+ and involved in countless other social media networks.  Many people are living a myth that they are building a network and expanding their reach.  Check out these thoughts to ensure social media are meeting your expectations.

Thought 1:  Why?  Think about what you’d like to accomplish or use each social media site for.  Write down your purpose for each network you’re part of.  You may use Facebook to see what friends and family are up to –… Continue reading