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Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, Busy, Busy

This post originally ran in July 2011.  Heading into the summer I thought you might find it useful.

When you call someone do you ask if they are busy?  When someone calls and asks that question, how do you answer?

Being busy, for most, is a way of life.  In fact, many people can’t imagine not being busy.  I’ve even heard some people argue with each other about who is busier – it’s like a badge of honor.  You win the gold prize if you are busier than every one around.

I once asked a… Continue reading


capacityTaking in, taking on, adding to, bringing in new requires capacity.  Capacity is defined as the maximum amount or number that can be contained or accommodated.  It’s easy to forget that capacity plays into anything new we’re adding to our lives.  When you’re already operating at capacity and you add something new, something has to give, there is no more room.  Frustration and anxiety often follow, especially when we act as if there is limitless capacity.  See the following thoughts related to capacity.

Thought 1:  Physical objects.  Unless you’re starting from scratch, any… Continue reading

New Skills?

New SkillsWe can all improve on our skills, it’s necessary to get ahead at work.  Today’s business environment is constantly changing and competitive, being able to learn new skills is a key to success.  It’s not enough to be smart – you need to always be getting smarter.  You need to look for opportunities to stretch in ways that are not always comfortable at first.  That’s what continual improvement feels like.  Here are some tips as you embark on acquiring new skills.

Tip 1:  Are you ready?  Ask yourself if the skill is attainable.… Continue reading

New Look?

NewLookCreating new opportunities and new ideas can be as easy as changing your physical appearance.  Changing how you feel about yourself often translates into a new view of the world around you.  The fresh perspective can conjure up new ideas and can reveal new opportunities.  Following are some tips to help you get started.  Try one tip at a time, changing everything all at once rarely works in the long term.

Tip 1:  Start small – Look in the mirror.  How long has it been since you’ve changed your hairstyle?  Perhaps a different… Continue reading

New Environment?

NewEnvironmentCreating and working in a new environment can energize your spirit and jump start motivation and creativity.  A new environment can refresh or give you a whole new perspective and approach to what you’re trying to accomplish.  It may be just what you need to develop some new energy.  You may be thinking, how can you create a new environment when you have the same job, office, workspace, home, furniture, etc?  Here are some no cost, or low cost, tips to creating your new environment.  Some you may be able to implement, others you may… Continue reading