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Some thoughts on email

johnzimmermanby guest blogger – John Zimmerman

It had been four years since I last held down a full time press position—I was Public Relations Manager for the National Association of Federal Credit Unions from 1999 to 2005—and now faced, on my first day as the National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA) contracted Public Affairs Specialist, an inbox that scared me. I had never seen so much email that ipso facto I not only needed to read and digest, but to respond.

I pick up things pretty quick, especially when a pay check is involved, and learned to manage, more or less,… Continue reading

The Problem Solver

ProblemsolvingSometimes when problems occur, our approach to solving them can be a bit disjointed or we don’t even know where to begin.  Procrastination can occur and can make the problem bigger and more complex than it needs to be.

Following is a series of ten steps that will help you solve any major problem or challenge you may experience in the years ahead.

When you’re experiencing a significant challenge, use the Problem Solver below to help you solve it.  This series of ten questions will guide you step by step to the outcome you want.  For best results, it’s important… Continue reading

Taking a break!

takingabreakI’ve been posting blogs every week since June 2011, twice a week.  Sometimes I have repeated them and sometimes I’ve had guest bloggers.

Right now I’ve decided to take a week off – I hope you don’t mind.  I’ll be back next week with some additional blogs.

Have a great week and consider taking a bit of a break yourself!

Leave your comments below if you’d like!

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Take action: Conduct Experiments

ExperimentThis blog is based on a blog written by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.  It fits well with our last blog on procrastination.  If making a decision is causing procrastination read the following thoughts.

A surprising amount of our day is filled with decisions: what to do with an email, what to do with clutter, opening paper mail, grocery shopping, whether to go out with friends or stay home, whether to add someone as a friend, whether to take a job, to move, to take a class, to go on a vacation, and so on.

And a good amount of… Continue reading

Someday Syndrome

somedayAre you in the habit of putting things off?

“Someday when I grow up, finish school and get a job, I’ll start living my life the way I want…. Someday after the mortgage is paid off, the finances are on track and the kids are grown up, I’ll drive that new car and take exciting trips abroad…. Someday, now that I’m about to retire, I’ll buy that beautiful motor home and travel across this great country, and see all there is to see…. Someday.”  – Ed Foreman.

I found the following and thought some might resonate:

Six Good Reasons why… Continue reading