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If only…

If-OnlyMy employees were just like me!

Have you ever said that?  Are you a perfect employee?  Do you set the best example ever?

To be a good boss you have to be a good employee.  Each day and with each action you’re being judged.  If you were hiring someone to fulfill your duties – would you hire you?

For the most part, your employees are just like you, sometimes more than we’d like.  Here’s a few of the biggest complaints that I hear from supervisors and managers.

Late!  You can never be late, not even a little late if… Continue reading

Negative Attitudes

Negative AttitudesI surveyed a group of managers and supervisors recently to be ready for my first day of training with the group.  The question was:  “What is your single biggest frustration that you find at work?”  The most frequent answer was – negative attitudes at work.  

When you work with someone who has a negative attitude it’s a drag.  You don’t want to go anywhere near that person.  You may walk on egg shells because you don’t know what might come out of their mouth.  
Managers and supervisors can’t have a negative attitude.  You know how you feel… Continue reading

Team Work

Team WorkI posted this two years ago and thought you might enjoy it again.

I had an incredible experience the other day.  As I was checking out at the local grocery store, my iPod shuffle separated from the earbuds and fell down between two counters.  There was a thin space between the immovable counters which had collected all sorts of things over the years.  

The manager, who had just gotten off her shift, rallied her co-workers.  Creatively they found a piece of cardboard, a metal wire and a broom.  At one point there were five employees lending assistance and advice.… Continue reading


Pay AttentionI was at the driving range the other day and I saw a little girl about 7 years old with her dad.  She was hitting the ball sometimes and trading off with her dad.  It looked like they were having a lot of fun.  

Soon her mom joined them.  Mom and Dad started talking.  Pretty soon the girl was loudly demanding that both watch her.  Mom and Dad would say in unison, “we’re watching”, and return to their conversation.  Even though the little girl’s back was to her parents, she could sense that they weren’t watching.

Children aren’t afraid… Continue reading

Players vs. Pretenders

I recently read an interesting article from the John Maxwell Company that offered some great tips on identifying who your players on your team are versus who are the pretenders.  Pretenders look the part and talk the part, but fall short in fulfilling the part.  They can disrupt your entire team.  Pretenders put their personal agenda before the team. Check out these tips to distinguish between the two.

1.  Players have a servant’s mindset; pretenders have a selfish mindset.  Players do things for the benefit of others and the organization, while pretenders think only of benefitting themselves.  A pretender… Continue reading