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Assertive vs. Aggressive

There are many definitions for assertive and aggressive behavior in the workplace.  The definition that works for me is:

To be assertive, you are confident and direct in putting forward your views.  To be aggressive, you are trying to control someone else.  Aggression is a form of intimidation.

I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review that points out leaders need to work on being assertive.  “More harm is done when people aren’t assertive enough than by being too assertive.”  Keeping your opinions and ideas hidden doesn’t get you anywhere.

Couple your leadership skills with assertiveness and you’ll… Continue reading

Who’s in charge?

I was just working with a client who was having trouble moving projects along, meeting deadlines, last minute changes, you know the drill.  Working with their team it became clear that there was some finger pointing going on.

They missed the first step in project management, no one had been assigned as the project leader.  There were leaders in many aspects of the project, but no one assigned to own the whole process.

Here are a tip and responsibilities for project leaders to ensure your success.

Tip:  Formal authority.  When you’re assigned to head up a project everyone… Continue reading


Recently I got feedback during my workshop called “Advancing Women in Business”.  The biggest fears/challenges were: being stagnant, not moving up, not learning new things, not knowing where I want to go or what I want to do, and not being given the opportunity to advance.

It’s easy to fall into these thoughts, especially when you’ve worked for the same employer for a long time.  Here are some tips that might help if you’re saying any of those phrases.

Tip 1:  Being stagnant – The good news is it is up to you – no one else has control… Continue reading


At the beginning of the year I make all sorts of plans and set all sorts of goals.  When the plans are made I’m enthusiastic about the months ahead.  However, I don’t always take action and it made me wonder why.

People at the top of every profession share one quality – they get things done.  This quality can catapult success and advancement faster than anything else.  This is such a simple idea, however not many people have taken it to heart.  There is an endless number of reasons – something else came up, I’m too busy, I’m putting out… Continue reading

Fear of Failure

When I ask my “single greatest questions” – one of which is “What is your single greatest fear regarding your business or career?” many times the answer is “The fear of failure”. Today the negative news bombarding us every time we turn around can add to our fear.  We hear about all the bad things that can happen to us – and what has happened to others.  It’s easy to understand that playing it safe and not taking risks is a comfortable choice for many. However, when I see the “fear of failure” as a strong fear for so many,… Continue reading