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The ability to build and leverage a network of relationships is the best predictor of leadership success, according to a recent article in Fast Company.  Relationship building is one of those skills that isn’t taught in schools or part of training people receive when they become managers.

Many of you were tapped for leadership positions because of your strong individual skills and knowledge.  Making the transition from individual contributor to group leader begins with helping others achieve their goals.  There needs to be a shift in thinking.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

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I recently asked a group of corporate professionals what their biggest challenge is at their workplace.  There were many answers.  One of the answers jumped out at me.  This individual wanted to be taken seriously as a leader in their organization.

To be taken seriously as a leader in your organization, you must consistently show your leadership skills on a regular basis.  There are plenty of opportunities to show off these skills.  Following are some must have skills to be taken seriously as a leader.

Skill 1:  Integrity.  This is more than being honest.  This is living up to… Continue reading


I recently heard from a client that she was concerned about not getting her name known in her workplace and being recognized as a leader.  She says she struggles to find her voice.

Finding your voice can be difficult, especially if there is a voice in your head that keeps repeating phrases like, you should be seen and not heard, it’s not polite to brag, be a good girl and don’t make any noise.  Sometimes our well meaning parents intend to instill a little discipline when in fact the internal voice stays with us through a life time.

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Fear, lack of confidence, risk aversion are fairly common themes among those feeling “stuck” or worse yet “trapped” in their current career.  I often hear people wanting a change but not knowing where to start.  I also hear individuals falling “victim” to their circumstances.

It’s not so important that you know what your end game is, you know what your goals are or your path is all laid out.  What is important is to take action – no matter how small an action to get yourself moving forward.  Following are some tips to start the process.

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I just read a CNN article about Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  She leaves work every day at 5:30 so she can be home with her children by 6:00 PM to have dinner.  She does admit to reading her work email after her children are in bed.

When I was CEO I left work each day at 5:30 to get home in time to walk my dogs – Annie and Jake.  Also, I didn’t work weekends.

Are you consistently working overtime – more than a 40 to 45 hour week?  If you’re not, then these tips may not be of… Continue reading