Searching for the Noun?

When you’re working it’s common to define your self as what you do.  At a social gathering or networking event you are a [fill in the blank] lawyer, doctor, CEO, manager, etc.

What happens when that goes away?  You may be out of a job, retiring, changing careers or have decided to stay home with your young family.  There may be times where your definition of self is not as clear as it used to be.

Tip one:  Embrace the loss.  There is a sense of loss when your identity is in transition and you’re no longer a [fill… Continue reading

Say it, believe it, become it!

I’ve attended, listened to and read all kinds of self development and motivational seminars, tapes and books.  Almost every one has something about self talk.  What we say to ourselves is what we believe and what we will become – or what we are.  Easy concept!

Taking an easy concept like self talk and using it to personal advantage can be difficult.  The reason is our thoughts are routed in habits.  Most of my behavior is routed in habits.  Habits are great – they save so much time and energy.  Habits can also keep me from trying new things, thinking… Continue reading

Time is Precious

When I’m engaged in something I love to do or I’m completely focused on a task at hand, time seems to slip away at the speed of sound.  As I grow older, days, weeks and months seem to go very fast.

Whenever I’m waiting for something to happen, a call back from a potential client, the bus to take me home or, when I was little, Santa to come – time seems to stand still.

Time is one of the few things in life that we can’t have a “do over”.  Theoretically you spend your time according… Continue reading

Time Management 102

Time Management 102This is a continuation of the last blog.  Here are some more great tips to find those extra minutes.

3. Deadlines.  Be the first to offer a deadline and always add extra time to it.  This may be familiar to many of you – under promise and over deliver.  This will give you more time to get things done and also allow you to be a star – by always delivering what you promise on time – or perhaps early.

In promising when you’re going to complete something, whether it is for yourself or for others, get real… Continue reading

Time Management 101

Time Management 101Who couldn’t use a few more minutes?  The next couple of blogs will talk about giving you a little extra time in your day.

1. Be completely present at every meeting – one on one and in a group.  Any time I attend a meeting or speak to someone individually I make it a point to be completely present at the meeting or with the person.  This means that I turn off my cell phone, don’t check email, don’t look at my watch and put away all distractions.  I give the person and meeting my full and… Continue reading