Exceptional Performance

Exceptional performance is not a one time event.  It is something to work on and add to every day.  Perhaps that sounds exhausting?  Too much work?

It’s really very easy.  You’re performing anyway, so why not make it exceptional?  Here’s the challenge, pick one of the following each week to be exceptional.  Don’t forget to let your boss know.

Quality of WorkPolish your apple!  Your work demonstrates attention to specific directions; is accurate, thorough, and presentable; and is concise and timely.

Initiative and CreativityExpand your thoughts.  You are aware of what needs to be done and demonstrate the energy and self-motivation to begin and complete work requirements without prompting from others: you approach your work in creative or imaginative ways.

JudgmentFigure it out!  You evaluate situations, draw conclusions, and make sound decisions or recommendations.

Problem SolvingFigure it out some more!  You identify different problems requiring attention: can isolate causes and propose solutions; and are able to foresee the impact decisions made may have on other people or departments and therefore will consult with them.

Interpersonal and Communication SkillsSpeak well.  You demonstrate conciseness, clarity, tact, cordiality, courtesy, self-control, patience, loyalty, and discretion in both written and verbal communications; listen carefully and understand directions; provide accurate and timely information when required; and are considerate and respectful of different levels of personnel as well as people of different types and cultures.

Teamwork and CooperationPlay nice with others.  You work effectively and efficiently with others; are willing to offer or accept assistance when necessary; and are flexible and willing to compromise or make concessions in the best interests of the organization.

Customer RelationsHelp out those around you.  You achieve positive relationships with customers, visitors, and all levels of staff; contribute to a favorable public image of the organization; are accessible to users of department services; and have merited the trust and respect of others within and outside the department.

Cost EffectivenessWatch your resources!  You budget time and remain organized and focused on work assignments; effectively preserve and economize on expendable supplies and resources; care for and maintain office equipment; and adhere to departmental cost-containment policies.

What other areas can you shine in?  What tips do you have to be a star in your organization?  It’s a great way to get ahead in your career!

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4 Responses to Exceptional Performance

  • Eliza says:

    Another excellent blog post, Holly. Thanks. Consistently achieving exceptionalism is hard work, and no one is perfect, but I try myself, and I think practice makes it easier (as does the occasional day off from everyone and everything). Also, thumbs up to the importance of exceptional communications skills. These days we spend so much time writing that it plays a more integral role than ever in how our clients and colleagues perceive us and what we have to offer.

    • Holly says:

      Thanks Eliza! Picking one area a week to focus on and be exceptional can help form some great habits! All the best, Holly

  • Kevin Lewis says:

    Holly, bravo for this post…particularly when it comes to “playing nice”. I continue to learn how vital that is in developing trust and creating a healthy team environment. Having just been honored to become the member of a local non-profit board, I see how critical this will be as this newly formed team steps out to provide guidance, develop governance policy, and address community business challenges.

    • Holly says:

      Kevin – Thanks for the comment! Keeping the organization in mind and leaving your agenda at the door will go far in building your team. Since you’ve been honored to be on a non-profit board you’ll want to read the blog post Volunteer Boards – Yeah or Eeeek. http://www.achievingskills.com/volunteer-boards-yeah-or-eeeek. If you need help in strategic planning for non-profits – that’s a sweet spot for me!

      Thanks, Holly

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