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Are you competitive?  Do you always have to be first?  When you’re not first, do you think less of yourself?  Being competitive is great.  It can be a wonderful motivator to strive to do more and to do better.

It’s also fun to let others win and come in first.  Some supervisors and managers feel compelled to be better and smarter than their staff members.  They think the way to earn their subordinates’ respect is to know more or do better.  In reality, respect is earned through actions, not just what you know.

What actions are you taking?  Following are some tips to earn and keep the respect of others.

Tip #1:  Honesty.  If you don’t know something, admit it followed by a quick – I believe we can find out….  Fudging answers will catch up with you over time.

Tip #2:  Praise.  Highlight skills and accomplishments of others.  Admiration and praise shows others how highly you think of them.  You need to think highly of others to have them think highly of you.

Tip #3:  Integrity.  When you’re telling your subordinates to do something or display a certain behavior, you’ve got to be willing to do it yourself.  If you want someone to be on time, you’ve got to be on time – each and every time.  Walk your talk and show others by example.

Tip #4:  Fairness.  You may not treat everyone exactly the same, you must treat everyone fairly.  Ask yourself, if I did this for one employee would I do it for the next?

Tip #5:  Appreciation.  Thanking others along the way builds your relationships with others.  Be generous with your appreciation, it doesn’t cost you much.  Click here for additional ideas on how to show your appreciation.

Tip #6:  Share the glory.  When someone on your team shares an idea that you’ve already thought about, praise their great idea and allow them the credit.  Stop talking.  It serves no purpose explaining you had the same idea.

Tip #7:  Let go.  When is the last time you said to one of your employees:  “I never would have thought of that?”  Hiring and encouraging employees that have strengths that you don’t have raises your capital.  Remember you’re there to manage and supervise – not to be the king/queen of everything.

What tips do you have for gaining respect in the workplace?  Have you run into any pitfalls?  Is there something that has worked for you that I didn’t mention?  Share your comments below so we can learn from you!

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