Help me out!

Today you’re reading my seventy-fifth blog post, but who is counting?  Yahoo!  Thank you so much for reading.  I’m having a blast writing these tips and love the comments that you leave.

The subjects that I’ve covered so far have come from clients and participants in my workshops.  Some subjects I have just “guessed” that you might like to have tips on.

This blog isn’t about me, it’s about you and what you need to achieve what you want.

So here are some questions for you (to help me share tips on what is important to you).  Help me out!!  Answer any one that speaks to you.

I call these my “single biggest questions:”

What is the single biggest frustration you have when it comes to your career?

What is the single biggest fear you have concerning your job?

What is the single biggest challenge you have with your employees?

What is the single biggest issue you have with your business?  (if you own your business)

What is the single biggest obstacle preventing you from starting your own business?  (if you have a desire to start a business)

Answer one or more of these questions below!  I want the blog posts to be what you want to hear about.  If you’d rather not put a comment below, use the contact form under the “Contact Me” tab and I’ll be the only one seeing your answer.

Thanks for helping me out! 

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4 Responses to Help me out!

  • Eliza says:

    Congrats on #75, Holly. Keep ’em coming!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I was talking today with one of my managers about developing people and about different styles in the effort. Are there differences in development styles? If we recognize difference in learning styles, it suggests that there might be a case for different development approaches. Parenting styles differ. Don’t they (I admit I’m not a parent, but I am observant of others….)? Is there a topic here?

    • Holly says:

      Elizabeth –
      I think that is a great topic! And yes, there are different styles in developing people. Thanks so much for the great idea! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on the subject!

      Thanks so much, Holly

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