I want to be the boss! – Part 1

You may be thinking about starting your own business or perhaps you’ve already started?  An overwhelming task even just thinking about it!  So many moving parts.  Great ideas keep coming at you.  You want to get started, yet where to begin?

This is the first in a series of blogs to give you something to think about.  I’ll be posting these once a week for the next six weeks.

I want you to optimize the start.

The following tips will not guarantee your success – not putting these in place may lead to failure.

Step 1:  Are you interested or committed?

If you’re interested in something, you’ll do it if it is convenient.  If you’re committed to something you’ll do it no matter what.

Tip 1:  Reality check!  If you’re interested in starting your own business but not committed – it won’t happen or if it does happen, it won’t be enough to sustain the business.

Starting and running your own business is hard work.  You need to be your own cheer-leader, motivator and task master.  There won’t be someone “telling” you what to do each day.  Yes, there are some wonderful resources out there to use.  Loads of books to read, small business development centers to help you out, etc.  However, you have to initiate everything – no one will knock at your door, check up on you, tell you to move ahead – it comes from inside.

Tip 2:  To get started.  (This is scary stuff!)  Consider setting up an outside system that will keep you on track.  To launch your own business, begin by making the commitment to quitting your job. Write a letter of resignation, put it in a stamped envelope addressed to your boss, and give it to a trusted friend with firm instructions to mail the letter if you haven’t quit your job by a certain date.

Are you feeling uncomfortable about doing that?  Just thinking about Tip 2 can reveal some insight into your commitment and motivation to move forward.

Step 2:  My wish for you is that you get clear about moving forward and creating your plan for your transition.  Or deciding – no, now is not the time to move forward with my business.  If you’ve got enough on your plate right now – you don’t need to add another question to your to do list – start a new business?

Next week we’ll talk about taking action and what your next steps might be.

Post any questions you might have below.

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