If only…

My employees were just like me!

Have you ever said that?  Are you a perfect employee?  Do you set the best example ever?

To be a good boss you have to be a good employee.  Each day and with each action you’re being judged.  If you were hiring someone to fulfill your duties – would you hire you?

For the most part, your employees are just like you, sometimes more than we’d like.  Here’s a few of the biggest complaints that I hear from supervisors and managers.

Late!  You can never be late, not even a little late if you expect others to be on time.

  Sloppy starts with your appearance every day.  If you question whether something looks ok, it doesn’t.  Look at your office, your desk – tidy and organized sends a loud message.

Moody!  Leave your emotions at the door.  Consistency is one of the most effective management tools you can use.  Employees want to know they can count on you no matter what.  Your confidence will carry the day in a crisis.

No Initiative!  How many new ideas have you come up with lately?  Going the extra mile can go a long way to showing your employees what you want them to do.  This doesn’t mean doing someone’s work for them, it’s about helping out where you can.

Complaining!  Do you ever bring up problems without a solution?  A solution oriented supervisor can change the outlook and motivation of an entire department.

Gossip!  The meaning of gossip is to talk about someone, good or bad, when they aren’t present.  If you talk about others, others wonder what you say about them when they aren’t around.  Not a good way to build trust.

Ok, I know you’ve read all about the biggest complaints and you don’t do any of these things – but your employees still do.  Congratulations on being an awesome employee!

In the next post I’ll cover those things that you’re not doing, at least not now, but your employees are – and what to do about them.

Until then, tell me what I’ve missed?  What are your biggest complaints about your employees?  What have you done about them?  This blog starts and ends with you!

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