If only my employees would…. (part 2)

Have you ever said that?  All you can affect is the environment that your employees work in.  That environment can encourage good work habits or allow bad work habits.  You get to decide.

Warning:  For any of these to work, you’ve got to apply them to everyone – consistently.

Here are some more tips you can use if your employees are:

Moody!  People who are highly emotional are tough to work with.  It’s a roller coaster ride for everyone around.  Allowing the drama only encourages more drama.  Not dealing with the drama sends a signal to all your staff that it is ok to be emotional at work.

When Mr. or Ms. Drama is not in an emotional state, it’s time to have a private talk.  Are you getting uncomfortable thinking about talking to him/her?  If you are, you really need to talk to that person.  If you’re uncomfortable, how do you think everyone else feels?  You’re here to take care of the tough stuff.

The conversation can go something like this:  “Sarah, I’ve noticed that when you get [fill in what you’ve observed] frustrated you tend to [state the drama] yell.  I want you to be successful.  When you’re emotional at work, it can be difficult for everyone around you.  Is there something you can do about this?”

If you suspect Mr. Or Ms. Drama is unhappy, therefore determined to make everyone else unhappy, call them on it.  You could say:  “Jim, it doesn’t seem like you’re happy at work.  Is there something you can do about that?”

No Initiative!  Publicly reward new ideas.  Make it a challenge to all your employees to come up with something new.  Highlight those who take initiative in meetings.  This is going to take some work on your part.

Complaining!  Simply ask the complainer “What can we do to solve that?”  If you hear “I dunno” respond – “If you did have a solution, what would it be?”  Make it clear to your entire department that you’ll listen to complaints when they’re coupled with a solution.

Gossip!  The meaning of gossip is to talk about someone, good or bad, when they aren’t present.  If you hear someone gossiping, ask them not to talk about others who aren’t present.  Listening to the gossip only encourages more gossip.  Stand your ground and don’t allow it around you.

Leave a comment or a tip that you’ve learned that works with your employees.  Do you still have challenges?  Tell me what they are and let’s solve them together.

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2 Responses to If only my employees would…. (part 2)

  • Jill says:

    Excellent Holly! I like your point that gossip even includes speaking "good" about other who are not present. I think many of us equate gossip with speaking "bad" about others who are not present.

    • Holly says:

      Jill –

      You’re right – keeping that in mind will keep you safe – always!

      Thanks for the comment!

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