It’s not fair!

My husband and I have had the opportunity to play golf around the world.  For the amount of time and money that we have spent, we should be much better.  Golf courses are in beautiful places and walking 18 holes is great exercise – like walking in a lovely park.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and lessons that apply to business.

See if any of these situations applies to you?

Lesson 1:  Even if you hit a great shot, the ball can go in a bunker (sand trap).  In your career you can do everything right and still miss.  When the result isn’t exactly what you planned you can get frustrated – which usually messes up your next step.  Or you can take the less than desirable result and find a solution.

Lesson 2:  At times your shot bounces a few feet, when you intended it to go much farther.  Even with the best efforts, your actions may fall short.  Dwelling on what went wrong keeps you from moving forward.  When you forget about your failings and concentrate on what will go right – you’ve got a better chance to succeed in the future.

Lesson 3:  There are always a few shots that are incredible – that’s what keeps you coming back.  Take the time each day to concentrate on what went right – what you did well.  That will keep your energy up and your enthusiasm for the job.

Lesson 4:  Practice, practice, practice.  No matter how good you are, how well your career is going, how comfortable you are feeling, you’ve got to keep at the top of your game.  Each year make sure you are honing your skills, improving on what you do well and learning something new.  Complacency can upend a great career very quickly.

Lesson 5:  There’s always another shot.  As you move through your career, you’ll always have a chance to do something better.  You may find a new opportunity at a networking event.  You may get involved in a new project.  You don’t have to settle for the status quo.  Keeping an open mind will open up possibilities that you might not have considered.

Lesson 6:  Attitude.  Your attitude can mess up your game and your career faster than the speed of light.  My favorite saying in golf applies to so many of life’s challenges.  “Let your attitude determine your shots – not your shots determine your attitude.”  This can be hard when faced with a lot of difficulties – something more to practice.

Lesson 7:  The international ball exchange!  Each time we hit an errant ball and lose it in the water or in the woods, we end up finding a new ball that someone else had lost.  Opportunities are everywhere when you look for them.  Take advantage of what you see in front of you, you may find that you have a net gain.

Lesson 8:  Judging your weaknesses against other people’s strengths.  We’ll never be great golfers, those we play with many times are better.  When you encounter people with strengths that you admire, watch them very carefully, see what you can learn from them.

A special thank you to Andrew, Jonathan, Matt, Eric and George for their inspiration and support.

Do you have any tips to share?  What have you learned from trying something new?  How about from something you’re not very good at?  Leave your comments below so we can all learn from you.

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10 Responses to It’s not fair!

  • Ann Probert says:

    This is great. How appropriate and applicable.I will try to think positively.
    Safe trip home. It’s been great having you here.Too short

    Ann and Ted

  • Jack Langenberg says:

    Your comments are right on! My life long one is #6, Attitude. My father and mother stressed this one from when we wake up and walk down the stairs every morning, thanks, Jack

  • Love this – this is great and I’m going to copy and send it to Mike!

  • Mike says:

    …and when your are swinging well, 180 yards out, water guarding the green, remember that you didn’t come this far to lay up!

  • George says:

    Holly, thank you for these profound reminders of golf relating to life…and isn’t it ironic how we react to circumstances “beyond our control”, such as a round of golf leaving us sunburnt, windblown, wet, cold, and generally miserable…and yet with a feeling of accomplishment for overcoming the obstacles, persevering when others wouldn’t, and more determined than ever to forge ahead…because we recognize the value in the pursuit of success to be as rewarding and fulfilling as the success itself, sometimes even more.

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