I recently asked a group of corporate professionals what their biggest challenge is at their workplace.  There were many answers.  One of the answers jumped out at me.  This individual wanted to be taken seriously as a leader in their organization.

To be taken seriously as a leader in your organization, you must consistently show your leadership skills on a regular basis.  There are plenty of opportunities to show off these skills.  Following are some must have skills to be taken seriously as a leader.

Skill 1:  Integrity.  This is more than being honest.  This is living up to your values and never compromising those values, even when it might be quicker to do so.  Integrity is shown through honest dealings, predictable reactions, well-controlled emotions and doing what you say you will do – always and every time.  It is also standing up for what is right and asserting yourself if a decision is veering from the corporate values.

Skill 2:  Responsibility.  You don’t blame others, complain or point to outside circumstances when faced with challenges.  When a challenge comes along, you define the issues to be dealt with and then come up with a solution, on your own or in collaboration with others.  You know you are responsible for your success.

Skill 3:  Commitment.  You will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  You will not give up because it isn’t easy.  You find a way to accomplish the goal and inspire others by setting an example of what can be accomplished.

Skill 4:  Confidence.  This is not only seen in what you do and how you do it.  It includes your willingness to admit mistakes, adjust course as necessary and give credit where credit is due.  Success is rarely attributable to one source and you spread the credit as widely as possible throughout the organization.

Skill 5:  Risk.  You must be bold and be willing to take a risk.  You don’t let your fears and apprehensions stop you from pursuing your goals.  Results are rarely 100% guaranteed, you know this and act anyway.

Skill 6:  Open.  You are open to new ideas even when they are unusual and different.  You suspend judgement while listening to others’ ideas and accept new ways of doing things that someone else has thought of.  Openness builds a foundation of mutual respect and trust between you and others.

Skill 7:  Assertive.  You state what your opinions are and ensure you’re getting the resources and support needed for you and your team to succeed.  You don’t let setbacks and “no” get in your way.  You speak up when things are not right.  See the blog post “Assertive vs. Aggressive” for more tips on this skill.

There are other skills that a leader can have.  What skills have I left off?  What skills would ensure someone would be seen in their organization as a leader?  Leave your comments below.

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2 Responses to Leader

  • Edward W. (Ted) Probert says:


    Great piece on Leadership. I shall disribute your comments to my high school class on the same subject. Your principles apply, of course, to all of us all the time.

    Hope all is well. Best to John.


    • Holly says:

      Ted – So happy you can use the comments in your high school class. If you need anything else, please let me know. All is well here – best to you and Anne!

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