Lessons from a champion!

Today the Open Championship begins again.  Tough conditions and it’s anyone’s guess who will be the champion this year.  In honor of the tournament I’m re-running my post from last year – I hope you enjoy it!

I attended the Open Championship in July 2011 (the British golf tournament).  The winner was a forty-two year old man from Northern Ireland, Darren Clarke.  If you saw him on the street, or in a pub, you may not have picked him to be an elite athlete.  He had planned to start a weight watchers program right after the tournament – perhaps he has.

I heard an interview from his coach – Dr. Bob.  Dr. Bob explained that Darren has been a tremendous talent since he was 12 year old.  With this talent and experience for the last 30 years, he still didn’t believe he could measure up – to be a champion.  It was only when he started to believe he was, he allowed himself to win!

There was a quote from a fellow golfer that he used as his mantra during the tournament.  “Don’t let your shots determine your attitude, let your attitude determine your shots.”

So many reminders from this event:

Reminder 1:  Talent, ability and skill come in all sorts of packages.  Keep an eye out for brilliance!

Reminder 2:  It helps to have a coach – someone to talk to and shine a light on what is true.

Reminder 3:  Even with skill and talent, what you believe makes it happen.

Reminder 4:  Attitude is everything!

Reminder 5:  Don’t let what happens determine your attitude, let your attitude determine what happens.

Reminder 6:  Find a way to get over yourself.

Reminder 7:  It doesn’t matter what other people think, it only matters what you know.

Reminder 8:  We have so much more power to determine our life, harness your own strength to design what you want.

Reminder 9:  Attitude is everything!

to a great champion!

What are you a champion at?  Do you have any unsung champions in your life?  What is the one thing that you could think differently about – that could change your life?  Share your comments below!

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