Marketing for the Season

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By Gale Curcio

Everybody is always looking for an edge to get their message heard above all the rest. There is more competition than ever now on the internet so no matter what season you are trying to market during (whether it’s for Christmas, Fourth of July, summer, etc.), there are a few points to keep in mind.

1.  Send Early – Don’t wait until the day before the holiday. Send a couple weeks ahead. This will hopefully reach the sender before they have left town for the holidays.

2.  Send ONCE – Don’t send multiple holiday messages. Consolidate what you need to send and send just once.

3.  KEEP IT SHORT – A page or less is plenty.

4.  Unique offers – if you truly have an offer/event/announcement that is unique, let people know.

5.  Valuable information – If you have something that will help your customer or client with travel, shopping or something else that they can learn and benefit from, then definitely pass it along.

6.  Inclusive messaging – Remember that not everybody celebrates Christmas or Easter so either keep your greeting generic or include Happy Hanukah or Passover greetings in your messages. This year, Hanukkah and Christmas overlap and fall during the same week.

7.  Make It Stand Out – nothing too fancy, but include a nice graphic or photo.

8.  Title the Subject Appropriately – Try to title your message with something that’s not too flashy (as it will be sent to spam) but something that stands out from everybody else’s message, i.e. Wendy Wishes You Holiday Greetings; Select Auto Is There For Your Family

9.  Send to Correct Audience – Make sure that you are sending your message to the correct audience. You don’t want to send information about a Pet Event to people who have allergies.

10.  Speak From the Heart – When all is said and done, rather than getting a ‘canned message,’ people would rather hear something that is truly heartfelt.

Gale Curcio is the founder of Curcio Communications, which provides marketing and public relations expertise to local organizations interested in acquiring, retaining and increasing their customer base, and who appreciate the value of developing and promoting the brand and profile of their choosing.

Curcio Communications evolved from Gale Curcio’s extensive experience as a communications, event management and development professional, in addition to her responsibilities as an editor and reporter for local news publications.  Gale currently continues to enhance Curcio Communications’ depth of community knowledge through her concurrent role as a journalist for regional publications including the Connection Newspapers and She is also a Constant Contact Business Partner, which she uses as an effective tool for marketing throughout the year.

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