Performance Appraisals

‘Tis the season to write those year end performance appraisals.  I’ve never met anyone who enjoys this task.  I’ve also never met anyone who doesn’t want to receive a performance appraisal.

You may have to muddle through this year and do the best you can.  I’ve got a process that can make it a breeze for next year.

The process is simple.  On a weekly basis require each one of your employees to submit an email regarding their performance for the week.  The email format would be as follows:

This week I worked on and accomplished:

Next week I will concentrate on:

I need your help/assistance with:

Progress on Performance Plan (if you have one):

I demonstrated exceptional performance in the following area (include detailed explanation):

Too simple?  Yes – everyone can understand it.  Pretty cool huh?  Simple works!

What’s the rub?  Here are your directions as a supervisor:

Direction 1:  Pick a day to receive the email – I suggest a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning.

Direction 2:  Ensure it happens.  Anytime you have a new expectation it will take a while for your employees to get in the habit.  Emphasize that the email is not an option.

Direction 3:  Read the email and talk to your employees.  These emails are a perfect tool to keep your employees on track and to understand what they are working on.

Direction 4:  Copy and paste the email content into a word file designated for each employee.  This will keep a running record of your employee’s performance.

Direction 5:  When you’re ready to write your performance evaluation, all the information for each employee will be captured in your word document.  It should only take a few minutes of clean up and you’ll be done!

Provide the same to your boss and you’ll be writing your own performance evaluation.  Your boss will thank you!

What has worked for you?  Do you enjoy writing performance evaluations?  Do you have any tips in mind?

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