Executive Coaching

Are you an Executive that wants to better your skills?

Executive Coaching with Holly Herman is where you have the benefit of working with Holly to strengthen your skills as a Leader, a Career oriented professional, and/or a Business Owner.

As the leader of your organization you want to enhance your Leadership Skills to ensure your employees are productive and working as a team.

As a career person you want to concentrate on your Career Skills to help you take the next step and take control of your career.

As a business owner you want to ensure your Business Skills are in place so you can start and grow your business with a solid plan that lessens the fear.


From the moment we first spoke I could tell she genuinely cares about helping people reach their goals.  During our first meeting she took the time to really understand my business.  She began brainstorming and suggested creative ideas that I would never considered.  She gave me great ideas and we hadn’t started working together yet:  Holly truly brings value to her clients!  I would not hesitate to recommend her.

~ Pylona Young, Memorable Meals Founder – via LinkedIn Recommendations


Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You’re the leader of your organization and your employees aren’t behaving the way you’d like.
  • Productivity isn’t keeping the same pace as you add more people.
  • Communication breaks down more often than it had in the past.


  • Your career isn’t moving forward fast enough.
  • You’re finding it’s not easy to be promoted within your organization.
  • You want a new position but are not quite sure what.


  • You’re feeling some self-doubt.
  • You’re not seen as a person of influence or having a voice in your organization?
  • Holding you back is an inner fear of past failures or lack of confidence.

On your own….

  • You have an idea and wonder if it could become your own business.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your full time job and your part time business.
  • You want to be your own boss but fear has stopped you in your tracks.

When you don’t feel you have a path to move forward on, your motivation to improve and take risks can go away.  Do you have feelings of going nowhere? Let’s work on your skills to ensure you’ll succeed.

Leadership Skills

  • Setting the culture of your organization
  • How to set a good example
  • Employee interaction
  • Employee relations
  • The art of negotiation
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Work flow
  • Moving from producer to overseer
  • How do you spend your time?


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