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Leaders – Stay at the Top of Your Game!

The average employee works one and a half hours a day!  Are your employees productive enough?  Are your employees excited about working for you?

What if productivity doubled and motivation soared?

You will eliminate distractions and double your output.  Find out 6 no cost steps to an extraordinary organization.  Learn to revitalize your employees and make them happy at work.

Stay at the top of your game!

I picked up some great ideas that I’ve implemented in my day-to-day planning both personally and professionally.  It’s helped me to stay focused and consider the opportunities for my team to feel empowered as we move towards a common goal to grow the region. 

~ KB, Kansas City, MO

Deal with Difficult People Anywhere – Anytime

Do you have difficult people all around you?  Are they moody? Complainers? Fault finders? Project stoppers?
Is the gossip mill taking your business morale to new lows?

You will learn language to diffuse your cranky distracters in almost every situation.  You can turn the most difficult people into your biggest supporters. We’ll show you how.

Thank you so much for your spot-on presentation today – your style and format made the topic so easy to talk about!  One participant wrote that the most valuable aspect of the event was “the expert speaker!”

– Fran Becker, Organizer Small Business Development Corporation, Alexandria, VA

Communicate to Get Exactly What You Want

Is self-promotion difficult?  Can you negotiate your own salary? Do you use the most powerful words possible?  Does your supervisor know your career aspirations?

Learn how to get what you want and feel comfortable doing it.  Use different words to make all the difference.  You’ll use these tips and techniques immediately with astounding results.

Thank you – you were fantastic! 

~ Catherine Roper:  Alexandria Chamber – Communicate to get what you want!

Get More Time out of Your Day

Do you get everything on your “to do” list finished?  Do you have interruptions that derail your whole day?  Do you ever wish you had time to accomplish more?  Do you feel like you should be more productive?

If you can’t get everything crossed off your list, you’ll learn how to double your productivity and work fewer hours.  You will control interruptions easily and gracefully.  Isn’t it time you got more out of your day – not less?

Watch your employees become a star!

Are your employees less than stars?  Do they hold your organization back?  Do your employees even know how to get to great?

What if all your employees were striving to be the very best they can be?

The fact is employees are rarely taught how to be a star.  We will eliminate the bits and pieces approach.  We will teach them to stand out.  If 50% of your employees are stars now we will increase that to 90%.

Thank you for a refreshing and eye opening experience today in the world of getting ahead. I enjoyed your presentation and hung on your every word.  I am excited about using the techniques discussed today to get me to my next goal.

~ TG, Baltimore, MD


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