Step Up!

Step Up! Take Control of Your Career

This career workshop is presented in a variety of ways.  The all day workshop allows participants to interact and share their experiences with each other.  The half day workshop covers a little less material and offers a rich learning experience.  The four modular workshop is presented at four different times with attendees choosing what fits best for them.  Any one of these modules can also be modified as a luncheon presentation.

This workshop is for individuals who want more out of their career.

We’ll cover what might be holding you back.  We’ll give you practical tools and tips you can use to get ahead.  You’ll learn how men and women communicate differently and how to navigate through these language differences

This is a workshop for individuals who want to advance their career.

This workshop covers:

#1 – Setting the Stage

Learn today’s facts and figures about business.  Examine how our thoughts and beliefs influence the actions we take at work.  See how we can refocus what we concentrate on and the difference it can make in your career.

#2 – Take Action!

Take control of your career.  Learn concrete action steps to take now!  We’ll see how to overcome fear and risk.  You will set your vision and focus on how to get there.  See how you can promote yourself as a star on your team and be noticed.  Understand the effect of strategic choices you make every day.

There is no point at which you can say, “Well, I’m successful now.  I might as well take a nap.”

#3 – The Do’s and Don’ts of Success

Simply put, men and women are different – they approach their work lives in different ways.  It is useful to understand both sides of the equation.  This session explores the different meaning of words and actions which leads to greater awareness.  Knowledge is power.  Come prepared to discover how simple actions can build the greatest success.

#4 – How to Work Smarter and Shine

Need more time in your day?  The 80/20 rule applies to you – 80% of your time produces 20% of your output.  We’ll change that to 20% of your time produces 80% of your output.  You will learn how to prioritize and not get stuck in the details.  If you’re a perfectionist and have trouble letting go, this session is for you.  Find more time in your day to shine.

 Workshops give participants the tools and techniques to get ahead in their careers. These workshops are geared specifically to the challenges individuals face in the workplace.  Marketing and promotional materials are included.


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