Ping Pong

Do you ever feel like a ping pong ball being bounced around every day?  Think about your actions.  Who are you rewarding?  Disrupters or schedulers?  How are you training people to interact with you?  Do you give your attention to squeaky wheels?  Whose agenda is it anyway – yours or are you allowing it to be someone else calling the shots?

Factoid:  If you’re looking at emails as they come in you are allowing someone else to manage your time.

Factoid:  If you’re looking at texts as they come in you are allowing someone else to manage your… Continue reading


There are things in life you can control and a whole lot more you can’t.  It’s always a mystery to me how people get so frustrated trying to control things that aren’t in their control and will never be.  Lots of hours and energy could be redirected onto areas that they do have control over.

Here are some tips to think about.

Tip 1:  Is it important to you?  Put the situation into perspective, not everything has equal importance.  Perhaps you want to be part of a project – is it because your colleague is on the project team or… Continue reading

It’s Coming!

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire….”  News flash - the holidays are coming!  Yes it was just Halloween – next – Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and National Fruitcake Day.  In addition to these joyous occasions – throw in year-end, budgeting, reporting on your goals, performance appraisals, holiday parties, your childrens’ holiday parties, decorating the house, shopping for food, presents, snacks, long lines, short tempers, weird relatives, saying yes, no or maybe – using “I’ll try” a little too often.  It adds up to one big stress ball – UGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

I’m devoting my blogs in November… Continue reading

I Choose

Do you ever get overwhelmed and feel like you don’t have control?  It can happen so quickly and easily.  Phones are ringing, texts are coming in, your calendar is full, crises seem to come from everywhere, and people come into your office and say – do you have a minute?

Try this experiment for one day.  Before you do anything, pause and say I choose to….  This may sound too simple or silly – I challenge you to do it!  You are training yourself to be in control.  Here’s what a typical day… Continue reading


We all have it, it’s in our nature and keeps us alive.  When there is physical fear, the feeling alerts us to get away to someplace safe.  When the fear is in our head (no tiger stalking you), it serves to make us more aware.  It’s an indication that something is happening which could mean we’re growing, taking more risk, or change is marching forward.

There is no need to deny the fear or ignore it; it won’t go away that way and it will begin to control our actions.  Better to face it as an… Continue reading