Will I meet my goals?

Do you ever ask yourself that?  I can’t answer that question for you.  I can offer some tips about goals that may help you in this quest.

Tip 1:  Whose goal is it?  The more you can internalize goals that are set for you through your organization, the more likely you’ll meet them.  When you don’t believe in the goal, whether it’s not something you want to do or you don’t see the value in it, you’ve given up before you’ve started and you will fail or fall short.  As with so many things, it starts with your own… Continue reading


If you are a manager or a supervisor this blog is for you.  If you are managed or supervised by someone other than yourself, you may want to pass this along.  The number one reason people look for other work is due to poor management.  It costs an organization from 125% to 200% of the salary to replace an individual.  Following are some tweaks you might want to consider embracing.

Tweak 1:  Take time.  You’ve got lots of priorities every day.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done.  A good manager makes time for their… Continue reading

Shiny Pennies

Shiny PenniesSome days I can spend my whole day picking up shiny pennies.  Do you ever have days like that?  New ideas spring up and they look interesting so you check them out.  It’s a great distraction and a lot of fun.  Your day is done, before it has… Continue reading


I work with a lot of people who are ready to move ahead with their careers.  They want the promotion and the next position that’s come open.  They come to me wondering why they’ve gotten passed by, disappointed, frustrated or downright angry they aren’t sitting in a new seat.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my clients.  You may not need any of these tips at all.

Tip 1:  Tell your supervisor.  Think about what position you’d like to have.  Write down your career goals.  Sit with your supervisor and be specific about what you want.  Even if it’s their… Continue reading

What should I do?

WhatshouldIdoI’m facilitating a group of CEOs who will be sharing lots of ideas on how to increase business, adding new products, upgrading technology, increasing income and a host of other ideas.  The challenge for this group is not what the new great ideas are.  The challenge is what ideas should each implement into their own shop.  When there are so many great things to do, how do you choose what is the best idea for you?  Here are some thoughts and steps to go through this process.

Step 1:  Limit the focus.  The more… Continue reading