When you go to a meeting do you always sit by the same people, in the same place?  What about when you attend an outside meeting or training session?  Do you pal around with people you know?

It’s natural to stay with familiar people in unfamiliar places.  Its easy to stay in the habit of sitting with the same people in the same place.  I started to do that in grade school!

Of course you’ve heard “if you keep doing the same thing you’ll get the same result.”

To move your career forward, you’ve got to branch out – internally… Continue reading

If only my employees would…. (part 2)

My-Employees-2Have you ever said that?  All you can affect is the environment that your employees work in.  That environment can encourage good work habits or allow bad work habits.  You get to decide.

Warning:  For any of these to work, you’ve got to apply them to everyone – consistently.

Here are some more tips you can use if your employees are:

Moody!  People who are highly emotional are tough to work with.  It’s a roller coaster ride for everyone around.  Allowing the drama only encourages more drama.  Not dealing with the drama sends a signal to all your staff… Continue reading

If only…

If-OnlyMy employees were just like me!

Have you ever said that?  Are you a perfect employee?  Do you set the best example ever?

To be a good boss you have to be a good employee.  Each day and with each action you’re being judged.  If you were hiring someone to fulfill your duties – would you hire you?

For the most part, your employees are just like you, sometimes more than we’d like.  Here’s a few of the biggest complaints that I hear from supervisors and managers.

Late!  You can never be late, not even a little late if… Continue reading


Are you a troll or have you had an occasion to throw what I call a “troll bomb”?  In internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages on a blog or online news article with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response.

Taking this a step further, in the workplace a troll is someone who makes a comment, complaint or innuendo about someone else without going into detail or taking responsibility (we’ve all heard those people who say something and then quickly follow it by saying “don’t tell anyone I… Continue reading

Everyone is listening!

I was on a plane traveling from Philadelphia, PA to Albany, NY for a presentation (45 minute trip).  Prior to taking off, the man behind me was on his cell phone speaking very clearly and loudly.  It seemed to me he was relaying information to a reporter.  Here are the details that came through:

The Department of Energy was not funding two off shore wind energy turbine projects because both were projects of foreign governments.

The Department of Energy was giving his company $800,000 over an extended period of time to analyze the data generated from these projects.  To… Continue reading