Star Performance!

starperformanceGreat leaders have developed the habits of star performance.  These work habits support high productivity and quality of work.  High productivity is not a mystery; it simply requires a commitment and the tools, training and resources to make it happen, naturally.  Check out these habits that you may have already embraced.

Habit 1:  100% current, no “inventory” of unfinished tasks.  It’s a matter of taking on those tasks and projects that you know you can actually finish.  Realistically assess what is reasonable to accomplish.  When you take on too much, you’re perceived as… Continue reading

Leaders Wanted!

Succession planning, a topic of much discussion over the last several years.  Important and some would say vital to the continuation of the organization.  Not only critical for the CEO, but also for all leadership positions in the organization.

Here are some advice and tips for you.

1. No one can do it like you!  You’ve been on the job a long time.  You’ve learned so much.  You have a style of your own.  You make decisions and run the organization your way.  You’ll never find someone who is as great as you – the faster you can accept… Continue reading