Will I meet my goals?

Do you ever ask yourself that?  I can’t answer that question for you.  I can offer some tips about goals that may help you in this quest.

Tip 1:  Whose goal is it?  The more you can internalize goals that are set for you through your organization, the more likely you’ll meet them.  When you don’t believe in the goal, whether it’s not something you want to do or you don’t see the value in it, you’ve given up before you’ve started and you will fail or fall short.  As with so many things, it starts with your own… Continue reading

Assertive vs. Aggressive

There are many definitions for assertive and aggressive behavior in the workplace.  The definition that works for me is:

To be assertive, you are confident and direct in putting forward your views.  To be aggressive, you are trying to control someone else.  Aggression is a form of intimidation.

I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review that points out leaders need to work on being assertive.  “More harm is done when people aren’t assertive enough than by being too assertive.”  Keeping your opinions and ideas hidden doesn’t get you anywhere.

Couple your leadership skills with assertiveness and you’ll… Continue reading

Time Management 102

Time Management 102This is a continuation of the last blog.  Here are some more great tips to find those extra minutes.

3. Deadlines.  Be the first to offer a deadline and always add extra time to it.  This may be familiar to many of you – under promise and over deliver.  This will give you more time to get things done and also allow you to be a star – by always delivering what you promise on time – or perhaps early.

In promising when you’re going to complete something, whether it is for yourself or for others, get real… Continue reading

Time Management 101

Time Management 101Who couldn’t use a few more minutes?  The next couple of blogs will talk about giving you a little extra time in your day.

1. Be completely present at every meeting – one on one and in a group.  Any time I attend a meeting or speak to someone individually I make it a point to be completely present at the meeting or with the person.  This means that I turn off my cell phone, don’t check email, don’t look at my watch and put away all distractions.  I give the person and meeting my full and… Continue reading

I can do everything!

You're on Target!Yes you can – which can confuse everyone. 

Yes you can – which can leave you exhausted. 

Yes you can – and not very well.

You own your own business and you’re just starting out.  It’s a scary time and you want as much business as you can possibly have.  You… Continue reading