Tip into confidence some more!

Did you try any of the tips from the last blog?  What worked for you?  I’ve got some more tips for you to check out.  I’ll pick it up where I left off.

Tip 6:  What’s the worst that can happen?  Think about it – what’s the very worst that can happen?  Take a piece of paper and make three columns.  In the middle column list all the stuff that you’ve thought about – every single one.  When you’re done with that go to the top of the list and in the first column write down what you can do to prevent the worst from happening, get creative.  In the third column write down what you’ll do if the worst does end up happening.  As you work through your concerns and fears, you’ll see very quickly that you can handle just about anything.

Tip 7:  What will other people think?  My mom drilled into my head – be concerned what other people think about something I might do or have done.  That stopped me from doing a lot of things until I realized – other people don’t think.  Sure they think, but not about me or my actions.  Now, more than ever before, people don’t have time to hold you in their thoughts, especially people who don’t know you.  Even if you do something memorable, memories are short.

Tip 8:  I can do it.  The most successful people I know have a common quality, they don’t realize they can’t do something.  It never occurs to them.  Replace “I can’t” with “I can” any time it creeps into your thoughts.  Ask yourself, what would happen if you could?  Say “I can do it” out loud as you look into the mirror in the morning and every time you see your reflection through the day.  When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you.

Tip 9:  I can ask for help.  Successful people don’t go it alone, they ask for help.  Not asking for help can leave you isolated.  When others are advising you, you can learn so much quicker.  You can learn from others’ mistakes.  You’ll also build up their confidence, it feels good to be asked!

Tip 10:  Spend time with positive supportive people.  Who you hang out with is who you are and who you’ll become.  People who believe in you and who believe in themselves can boost your confidence with positive messages.  When you are around ‘can do’ people, that rubs off on you.  Look around and see who you’re spending time with, is it who you want to be?

Are you feeling confident enough to comment?  Do you have some tips you can share?  Leave your comments below so we can all benefit.  Remember, I’m here to support you!

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