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Figuring out the most effective form of communication can be challenging.  There are so many ways we can communicate these days.  Not only are there the old fashioned ways – face to face, phone, email.  There is also texting.  Add to that all the social networks which are forms of communication.  Following is what I use and how I use each method.  I know I don’t take advantage of everything that’s out there and frankly I’ve chosen to stop with what I use right now.

Face to face:  Best form to strengthen relationships.  Communication occurs visually and orally.  Great for first meetings.  Strong connection.  I use this method for networking, management training, facilitation, some one on one coaching.  Any performance issues with employees, discussions with your boss and private conversations with co-workers should be conducted face to face.

Skype:  Great way to stay in touch when you want a stronger relationship and can’t visit as often as you’d like.  This is my preferred method to see my grandchildren in Boston, to talk to my virtual

assistant in Arizona and hear about my husband’s adventures when he’s on his golf vacations.  (ID: hollyherman)

Phone:  Amazing technology that is used less and less.  So many people use electronic means to stay connected.  Reach out to someone you haven’t connected with in awhile.  Using this rare form of communication can set you apart from the crowd.  The majority of my coaching is conducted over the phone.

LinkedIn:  I use this social media site to keep track of all my colleagues past and present.  After each networking event I attend, I’ll look up those that have given me their card and invite them to be part of my LinkedIn network.  I also post my blogs on LinkedIn to share them with my colleagues.  There have been a few times that I would not have met an individual other than through this network.  I find it a good business tool.

Facebook and Facebook pages:  Less words and more pictures.  I post my blogs here also.  Facebook is a much more personal network where I’ve connected with my high school classmates – North High class of ’77!  Some have found my Facebook page for my business and “liked” it.  Facebook gives me a bit more exposure to those I might not otherwise reach.


Twitter:  I still don’t “get it.”  That said, I do tweet every weekday.  I don’t have many followers (80+) and follow (100+) a few.  There is so much traffic from the few I do follow that I can’t imagine following thousands.  For me, it’s a vehicle for a bit more exposure and I don’t count on it for business.


Google+:  I really don’t “get it.”  I went to a social media presentation that told me it would be the next best social media site.  I post to it, but forget to look at it regularly.  I haven’t spent much time learning to use it.

So what am I missing?  How are you communicating?  Do you have a favorite social network?  Are you a fan of social media?  Let me know what’s working for you.

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