What’s in your New Year?

The new year is right around the corner.  It’s a chance for me to make incremental changes to the things I do – both personally and professionally.  I know that I could do this throughout the year – its just that I don’t seem to get around to it.

Each November I take some time to think about what’s working in my life and what I enjoy most.  I also think about what I don’t like to do.  This is a pretty broad look and is my Step one in the planning process.

Step two is make a list of what I enjoy most and which will become my areas of concentration for the coming year.  I also make a list of what I don’t like to do.  With the list of those things I don’t enjoy I look at each item and ask if I can discontinue doing it altogether.  If I can, it’s off my things to do.  If I still have to get it done, I look for alternative ways of accomplishing the task – delegate, hire someone to do it for me or find a fun and different way to accomplish the item.

Step three I look at those things I want to concentrate on and select a quarter to concentrate on them.  Trying to accomplish too many things at once puts me on overwhelm.  Having one big long list doesn’t work for me either.

Step four I review what I’ve done, that’s forming my plan, and pick a theme for the year.  It’s a fun way to be reminded what the year is all about.

Step five I put the plan together for each quarter and spell out the areas of concentration.

Step six  For the first quarter I put more detailed plans around my areas of concentration.  I plan what I’ll be doing on a monthly and weekly basis to reach any goals that I’ve set.  Before the start of each quarter I do the same thing – plan the monthly and weekly activities.

As the year progresses, things may change.  Quarterly planning allows me to adjust my plans as needed.  The point is to adjust my plans consciously and with purpose.

I’ve been using this process for years.  It may seem pretty simple and it is.  It works for me and keeps me on track.  You can apply this to your career, business and personal life.  Make the plan your own.

Here’s what I’m doing this year.

2012 Plan

Why I’m in business – I believe everyone can achieve what they want.

How I do that – I teach people the skills they need to achieve.

What I do – I offer one on one coaching, management training, strategic planning facilitation and presentations/workshops where people can learn the skills they need to achieve.

Theme for the year:  Helping people and organizations fit together the pieces of their puzzle to achieve. 

(This is the abbreviated version of my 2012 plan)


Strategic Planning Facilitation – provide strategic planning facilitation to 12 organizations during 2012.

Weekly:  Contact three organizations to discuss strategic planning facilitation services.

Increase exercise – re-engage with running and overall fitness level.

Monthly:  Signed up for the Credit Union 10-mile Cherry Blossom race – April 1, 2012.

Weekly:  Increase my running distance by 5% each week.

Q2 – Management Training Clients – develop additional clients offering management training and team building in small to medium sized organizations.

Q3 – Executive Coaching Clients – promote the benefits of one on one coaching.

Q4 – Workshops – seek additional avenues for workshops and career training.

What do you do to plan your year?  What has worked for you?  Any questions on my planning process?  Share any plans that you might have facing the year ahead!

Have a safe and wonderful new year celebration – until 2012!

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2 Responses to What’s in your New Year?

  • Holly, I especially endorse the delegation part of step 2. For example, I decided a couple of years ago that I disliked collecting sales tax. So I now sell my products — such as my new book Gratitude Power for Runners and Walkers — through retailers who have this sales-tax-collection responsibility.

    • Holly says:

      Kirk, thanks for the comment. I found giving myself permission to stop doing something can be more powerful than adding something more to do. Not having to do it all myself has moved my business forward.
      Happy New Year!!

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