Will I meet my goals?

Do you ever ask yourself that?  I can’t answer that question for you.  I can offer some tips about goals that may help you in this quest.

Tip 1:  Whose goal is it?  The more you can internalize goals that are set for you through your organization, the more likely you’ll meet them.  When you don’t believe in the goal, whether it’s not something you want to do or you don’t see the value in it, you’ve given up before you’ve started and you will fail or fall short.  As with so many things, it starts with your own internal dialogue.

Tip 2:  The Position to Win.  Ensure you have adequate resources available.  Resources include the right people in the right places, training and experience, collateral material, available inventory, whatever you need to reach the goal.

Tip 3:  Success.  Define what success looks like.  Your goals need to be measurable and spelled out for all involved.  Further, if you’re working in a team to meet your goals, make sure each team member understands their role in meeting the goal.  Depending on the goal, you may want to track results, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.  When everyone sees progress towards the goal, enthusiasm increases.

Tip 4:  Obstacles.  Yes these will happen.  Enlist the support of others, if you can’t come up with solutions on your own.  Obstacles may only be perceptions.  Push through these to complete your goal.

Tip 5:  Courage.  This tip you have to practice.  You’ll want to learn how to carry on, even when you’re concerned, scared or uncomfortable.  Take calculated risks to reach your goals.  If you’re saying – “I can’t do that” – then you can’t.  Taking action and moving forward is the only way to succeed.  You will be uncomfortable, that is how you know you are growing and learning.

Tip 6:  Big.  The number one reason that people don’t reach their goals is they aren’t big enough.  As in tip #1, the goal has to create excitement, push you forward, be hard to reach, challenge the norm.  Ho-hum goals are just that, real yawners.  When you and your team become bored with what you’re striving for, you won’t attain much.

Tip 7:  Celebrate.  What are you going to do when you reach your goals?  Is there a big payoff, or just a pat on the back.  Whether your goals are personal or professional, celebrate when you’ve reached them.  The time of celebration can solidify the successful behavior used to meet those goals.  Make sure when you look back you and your team can say it was worth it.

Do you have any tips about meeting and exceeding goals?  What do you do to make sure your goals are met?  Leave your comments below so we can all learn.

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